The very best moments from The X Factor 2016 live tour

With the X Factor tour having all wrapped up for this year, we recap our best moments in video form.

Everything 4th Impact did


Especially that performance with Seann Miley Moore


And Seann Miley Moore being Seann Miley Moore in general


Che and Lauren's duet

Che and Lauren's vocals were on point all the time and could only be improved by coming together!


The group numbers

Especially this VERY last one...


Mason's gravity defying shirt


It just couldn't stay down.


Anton's slight at Simon Cowell

"Let's not talk about Bang Bang," said Anton on the song choices he was given in the live shows. Fortunately on the tour Anton stuck with a much better song selection...



Reggie n Bollie doing Azonto

And teaching everyone how to do it.


All of Louisa

Possibly the most amazing singer to have ever won The X Factor. We even ended up thinking her winner's song was alright.


Did you go to The X Factor tour this year? Who was your favourite? Give your reviews or best moments in the comments!

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