X Factor 2016: Should the room auditions make a return?

X Factor set 3

Should The X Factor go back to basics with the room auditions this year?

The new series will be the show's thirteenth to date and after a dip in ratings last year, a shake up is planned.

But will we see a brand new format or simply a return to past years?

Former X Factor judge Louis Walsh, widely tipped to make a comeback to the panel, thinks going back to basics would work.

"It dipped a little bit last year. Simon Cowell needs to bring back the original format," he suggested in a chat with the Metro.

Fleur East, who finished as runner up in 2014, agreed.

"I miss the room auditions, I think when they take that away, you miss seeing that person vulnerable for the first time in a teeny room. That's when you get to see the person. I'd bring that back," she said.

Speaking to OK! Magazine however, Fleur pointed out it was a fine balance.

"It's a tough one, because last year there were a few changes, and so many people complained about the changes, so you can't win!" she said. "So many people asked for changes and we did them, and it didn't really work out for some people. I don't know."

The X Factor's room auditions haven't been seen in their original format now since 2008 with a move to arenas from 2009.

However between 2013 and 2015 the hopefuls - including Fleur - faced the rooms again as part of a double audition process, although editing meant we didn't actually see everyone's try out; despite making the final, Fleur's original room audition has never made it to air.

Last year saw the rooms go again in favour of the arenas, so could we see yet another change?

Do you prefer the rooms or the arenas? Or a mix of both? Tell us in the comments below!

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