The Voice UK's Mia Sylvester and Eli Cripps were both turned away by X Factor

Mia Sylvester x factor - 1

There were some talented artists on The Voice UK at the weekend but for some it wasn't the first talent show they've appeared in.

Both Mia Sylvester and Eli Cripps impressed the coaches to get a spin with a pair of amazing auditions, making it through to the battle rounds.

It turns out that both of them previously auditioned for The X Factor before, alongside one another in 2012 where they made it through to the bootcamp stages.

For whatever reason (?!), the then X Factor judges - which included Gary Barlow, Tulisa and Nicole Scherzinger - turned them away.

Fortunately they decided to give it a go on The Voice UK otherwise we'd have perhaps missed out on seeing their full talents as we did on Saturday night.

For Mia it was actually her third shot having also auditioned for The Voice UK last year when no coaches turned at the end of the try outs.

“It wasn’t as bad this time... until just before I went on," Mia said of her nerves before the audition. "I thought ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ Then from being as cool as a cucumber I could hear the crowd roaring when I was in the green room and it became scary."

The stunning electrician - who wowed the coaches with a cover of Ain't No Way - admitted she was worried about getting no spins again.

Mia told LutonToday: “It was a similar scenario to last time. I was the last person up on the night. At that stage the judges tend to be selective as they’ve not got many spaces left on their team.”

As we all now know however, Mia did get the turn she was after and is member of Team Ricky, while Eli became the latest star of Team George.

You can watch both at The X Factor's bootcamp below...