X Factor's Che Chesterman on the family death behind tonight's performance

che chesterman

Che Chesterman has revealed the heartbreak behind tonight's X Factor live performance.

The Boys category singer will be singing a Marvin Gaye cover of Yesterday by The Beatles in this evening's fourth live show.

Che has explained how the performance will be dedicated to his late granddad who passed away three years ago.

"Me, my dad and my granddad were like three best mates, like the same person," recalled Che. "When he passed away me and my dad never got through it, never really processed it.

"I’m the kind of guy that, if I have a problem, I stick it to the back of my mind and don't talk about it. I keep it all in. So this song, some of the words are like, you’ve got a problem and it’s not going away. So some of the lyrics I really relate to on that level."

Chatting to the Radio Times, Che confessed that he was worried about showing "too much" emotional and ending up in tears on stage during the live performance.

He explained: "Rehearsing it I’ve got too emotional. When I’ve spoken about it, I’ve cried. I spoke about it on camera and I cried. It was one of those things that I didn’t really want to talk about or get out.

"But this song it’s just brilliant, the words are amazing. I can connect to it so much, it’s just not connecting to it too much so that I come away from the performance."

Speaking further about his grandfather's passing, Che added: "It wasn’t something that I could deal with at the time mentally. I still don’t feel like I’m ready now, but I feel like there’s pain that I can get across on the stage.

"But as I keep saying, it’s not crossing the line and affecting the performance, which is going to be really difficult."

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