X Factor 2015 may have a wild card act - who do you want it to be?

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GOOD NEWS! The X Factor 2015 MAY have wild card acts, it's been reported today.

X Factor boss Simon Cowell has said that there is the potential for some of the weekend's axed contestants to be given a second chance, but warned it was not his decision.

“Would I like to bring back the Wild Card this series? I would do it in a heartbeat,” Simon said today. “But it’s not my decision. Well, it’s not just my decision."

He explained: "I have influence over what we do but it’s more complicated than you may think. We have to run ideas past a lot of people!”

There were some controversial exits at the weekend with Jennifer Phillips, Ebru Ellis, New Kings Order, Monica Michael, Simon Lynch and Josh Daniel amongst the more surprising acts to leave the competition.

Rita Ora backed Jennifer as possible wild card, saying: "It was a shock for me that Simon let go Jennifer. I loved her. That was a big surprise.

"But Simon has his reasons and that's why he's Simon Cowell!"

While for Nick it was Monica: "I love Monica. I thought it was very courageous - it took balls tonight to do a song which she's written.

"I thought it was very moving and really emotional. So I'd love to see Monica come back. I think she's got something."

Of course with three fewer live shows this year we may not get any wildcard contestants and nothing has been confirmed yet.

But IF there is the chance to bring back an act or more, who should it be? Vote in our hypothetical poll here and stick with us for the latest.

The X Factor live shows begin this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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