X Factor 2015: Kiera Weathers on making the live shows: 'It's my life'

X Factor  Kiera Weathers

Kiera Weathers was a standout from the Girls category at six chairs, here the X Factor hopeful talks about all about her journey so far.

Q: What makes you stand out from everyone else in your category?
My distinctive style – my hair in particular. I wouldn’t compare myself to any of the other girls, none of us are like each other. I also think I bring a lot of honesty to my performances.

Q: Describe your mentor in three words?
Real, fun and down-to-earth.

Q: How would you describe your own style?
It depends on what mood I am in – I don’t have one particular style. It depends what music I listen to in the morning. If I wake up and I have Drake’s album on, I’ll be more casual in what I wear. Whereas if I start the day listening to Beyonce, that’s it, full face of make up.

X Factor  Kiera Weathers

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
I’m aware that putting an album with really strong material on it takes time – so I hope I’d have put an album together that I was really proud of. I don’t want to be too ambitious and say ‘I’ll be on my third or fourth album.’ I want to spend time working on good material.

Q: How well do you know everyone else in the category and have you bonded with anyone in particular?
I now class the Girls like sisters, it’s strange how well we all get on. We all have a WhatsApp group and everyday we speak. I also keep in touch with New Kings Order, Bupsi and Josh Daniel.

Q: Of the remaining acts in the competition, whose album would you buy?
Anton or Jennifer as they are both very soulful and have a gospel sound.

Q: Describe the toughest point in the competition so far?
The Hunger Games – The Six Chair Challenge. It was do or die. Anybody in the category could have taken the chair away from me, so I never felt safe in the seat. Even at the end of it I kept saying to Rita ‘are you sure you’re not going to swap one of us again?’

Q: Which one artist in the industry most inspires you and why?
I have two – Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Nobody danced like Michael before he was around. Neither he nor Whitney can be compared to anyone else. Nobody touches them – not even Beyonce. For me they are so distinctive in style and personality.

Q: Fantasy dinner party – which five music industry figures dead or alive would you invite?
Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Rihanna and Kanye West because he seems so interesting.

Q: What would it mean to get to the live shows?
It’s my life isn’t it? The X Factor consumes your life and it’s all you think about when you’re in the process.

The X Factor airs this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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