X Factor 2015: Rita Ora on the "hell" of six chairs and her finalists

x factor 2015 final 6 girls

Rita Ora says she went through "absolute hell" during the weekend's six chair challenge.

After a tense two hour episode yesterday, Rita left the stage with her final six acts.

"I just went through absolute hell," Rita recalled. "I got warned, Cheryl and Simon were like, 'It's not going to be pretty'."

Rita confessed she was more unhappy when people sung well, forcing her to swap singers.

She said: "I felt like I was on Hunger Games. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, being promised a seat and then to have it taken away from you, and it's me doing it!"

And the audience had their say with Rita admitting: "I ended up really relying on them, I ended up turning around each time."

Rita thinks all her final six are stars but here's what she has to say about all of them...

Rita Ora on her final six girls

Monica Michael: "I respect her, I'm very happy Cheryl sent her home last year, that gave her so much time to grow, she's coming back with her guns blazing."

Chloe Paige: "I didn't expect to have Chloe in my final six... then she opened her mouth."

Louisa Johnson: "Thank you for Louisa! I love that soul, that charisma, and that she has no idea how good she is."

Havva Rebke: "She's sensitive but she's a fighter. Her energy is fight there with me."

Lauren Murray: "Lauren is like the silver lining of the worst shepherd's pie in the world... You think 'This is going to taste so good' but the meat's cold but then you get in the corner and it's worth it. She has a voice like milk... like a rough diamond that you need the right cloth to clean with."

Kiera Weathers: "I remember her bootcamp audition being good but not her best but [six chairs] was so emotional, it meant so much to her. I can you now that one performance has changed the whole path of this competition."

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The X Factor continues Sunday nights on ITV.