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x factor final six girls

X Factor's final six girls have been confirmed but did Rita Ora make the right decision? Cast your vote here!

This evening saw the 16 ladies left in the competition face the six chair challenge and there were some controversial choices.

Those left out completely included Katie Coleman, together with Sophie Plumb and Kelly Mai Webb.

Karen Mav, Chloe Baker, Sharon Rose, Charli Beard and Lucy Duffield each had a seat at one point but lost it after being swapped out.

It means that the final six girls heading to judges houses are Louisa Johnson, Chloe Paige, Monica Michael, Havva Rebke, Kiera Weathers and Lauren Murray.

Three of them will be in the X Factor live shows when they begin at the end of this month on ITV - but did Rita make the right choices?

There were huge boos in this evening's episode over some of the newbie judge's decisions but Rita stayed firmed and didn't back track.

Online and Charli and Lucy's swaps in particular proved controversial however the girls who got seats were all so good we're fairly certain whoever Rita picked would annoy someone, somewhere.

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The groups, overs and boys still face the six chair challenge with the drama continuing next Sunday night on ITV.