X Factor's Rita Ora tried to snog Nick Grimshaw... who rejected her

xf nick 2

We almost had a couple on The X Factor panel after Rita Ora tried it on with Nick Grimshaw.

However the Radio 1 host rejected the advances of the popstar with the openly gay TV star quipping: "it's not for me."

The surprise revelation comes in this weekend's Xtra Factor where new co-hosts Melvin Odoom and Rochelle Humes have joined forces to delve deeper with the judges, asking probing questions and finding out what they really think of each other.

Backstage in the judges' room, Rita admits: "You are absolutely gorgeous Nicholas Grimshaw."

"She’s always fancied me," he replies.

Rita explains: "I tried to get off with him at Glastonbury once. He just completely shut me down. He was like ‘this is weird’. We had a few drinks, it was after some amazing band."

"We were lonely," he laughed. "We’d watched the Rolling Stones together and it was emotional and everyone else was snogging.

"It’s not for me!"

Meanwhile Rochelle and Melvin get the to know the judges' favourite songs including their top track to snog to.

"I’m not into music snogging," says Cheryl I don’t like that. Because I’d have to be in rhythm. It would annoy us if they weren’t in time."

"Best snog song? Anything Boyz II Men - ‘I’ll Make Love to You’," replies Olly.

"I don’t like music, I think it’s distracting," Nick tells Rochelle and Melvin

"I’ve got a playlist that can help you… slow jams playlist. You can borrow it," Melvin says.

Rochelle jokes: "It’s only one song, 3 minutes 20."

The Xtra Factor continues this Saturday and Sunday on ITV2 straight after the main show on ITV.

Watch a clip from this weekend's shows below...