X Factor 2014: Stereo Kicks' singer told 16-year-old he got pregnant to "get rid of it"

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X Factor singer James Graham from Stereo Kicks told a teenager he got pregnant to "get rid of it".

The 18-year-old got 16-year-old Molly Ranger pregnant back in September of this year but tried to persuade her to get an abortion.

And then dumped her.

After texting James about her pregnancy, he replied: "We deal with it and get rid of it and stay together and get stronger!!

“You dump me over this and I will flip!!!!I love you!"

He then added: “But could you keep this like to yourself like don’t tell anyone cos if it comes out in the papers my career is over.”

Molly told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “It was like he didn’t care.

“When we finally spoke, James said to me 'abortion, abortion'"

Tragically, Molly suffered a miscarriage, not that James seemed to take any notice with Molly claiming he "ignored" her.

She said: “I just cannot believe how cold and evil he has been.”

She recalled: “I was lying there in agony having a miscarriage, calling him and he didn’t come. That is the one thing I will never understand."

James eventually did get in touch but only to dump Molly for wanting to keep the baby.

"If I’m being honest I haven’t recovered from the fact you were gonna keep it and I dunno how I could forget that," he told her. “Cos it would have stopped my career before it even started like.”

A spokesperson for The X Factor did not comment on the "private matter" but a source close to James jumped to his defence today, explaining: “He is disappointed such a private matter has been discussed publicly. He isn’t proud of how he handled the situation or what he said to Molly.

“He realises he should have been more sensitive and supportive but he panicked rather than thinking things through.

“He was only 17 at the time and had only known Molly for a short time, so didn’t feel mature enough to take on such a big responsibility.

“He very much regrets the situation he and Molly found themselves in and how he dealt with it."

The X Factor continues tonight with the latest results show, featuring performances from One Direction and Sam Smith.