Cheryl blasts "full of s**t" Nadine Coyle over Girls Aloud split

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Cheryl Cole's been getting bitchy over the Girls Aloud split, branding Nadine Coyle "full of s**t".

She's hit out at her former bandmate after the girls called it a day after ten years together last year.

Nadine had previously blamed the other girls for choosing to end the group during their final tour date in 2013.

“I didn’t want the band to end, it was as simple as that," Nadine said. “I didn’t think we were going to end – we had done all the promo saying we were all together, having a great tour, wearing Victoria’s Secret wings and stomping up and down the catwalk every night, loving every single minute of it.

“And then, on the very last night of the tour, our management and publicist came up to me and said the girls wanted to split up the band. I was thinking, ‘What?!’"

She added: "I heard that they were saying that I knew the band wanted to split. No, no, no! I didn’t!

“They’re going to have to get their stories straight because my one has been solid. The truth remains pretty solid.”

In a new interview for Attitude magazine this month, Cheryl branded Nadine “full of s***”.

She said: “She was the one who wanted to make a solo record.”

The X Factor judge previously said she didn't want to Girls Aloud to go the way of the Spice Girls and end with them bitching at each other in the press.

"They fell out, bitched about each other and went their separate ways," Cheryl said.

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