XFactor 2014: Jack Walton sees no problem with topless selfies... but won't get clothes off stage!

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X Factor's Jack Walton sees no problems with his topless selfie obsession... but won't be taking his clothes off on stage.

Jack, who revealed he's not single and has a girlfriend, hit back at claims he was "vain" after tweeting numerous pictures of himself from behind the scenes.

The singer, who says he spends 45 minutes to an hour a day in the gym working out, said: "I used to be really skinny, so I started going to the gym to tone up - and I did.

"I'm proud of my body so what's the harm in a couple of pictures."

But Jack said he won't be going topless on stage, something which he has already argued with mentor Mel B about.

Mel had wanted dancers to rip Jack's top off during his performance of Eye Of The Tiger at the weekend.

“I just felt that cheapened the act a little bit,” Jack told Xtra Factor host Sarah-Jane Crawford after the latest live show on ITV2. “I didn’t want to rip my top open.

“It’s not what I would do at a gig, so I didn’t see why I should do it.”

Mel B admitted the pair had come to blows backstage over the staging, telling Jack on the Saturday: “We’ve had a bit of a backwards and forwards this week, and it showed on stage."

The X Factor 2014 continues this Saturday night on ITV with a Halloween special.