X Factor 2014 finalists face sex and 'touching' ban

New Boy Band

The X Factor 2014 finalists have been put on a sex ban, it's been revealed.

In fact, the contestants have been banned from kissing one another or even TOUCHING, as producers try to focus the groups on the live shows.

Jake Sims of Louis Walsh' new boy band said: "You haven't read our house rules - no intercourse."

Bandmate James Graham added: "None of that stuff and no kissing of any kind."

And Reese Bibby told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "No touching! We live in a bubble."

In order to enforce these rules, bosses have hired a former commando to guard the X Factor acts in their London mansion, known only as 'Gary'.

James Graham from the unnamed boy band explained: “Gary goes round with a really bright torch. He scares the hell out of us.”

Parisa Tarjomani from Only The Young added: “We’re not allowed downstairs after 12 and not allowed in each others’ rooms after 9pm.”

A show source said today: “We have a duty of care and in previous years there has been too much junk food and too many late nights.

“Our security team will stop all that. Hopefully performances will improve too.”

The X Factor 2014 continues on Saturday evening with the first live show of the series.

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