X Factor 2014 free voting: How it works!

Free voting on X Factor 2014

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The X Factor 2014 will feature free voting this year, it's been confirmed and here are the details.

For the first time in X Factor history, you'll be able to vote for free using the show's official app.

You can vote by downloading the free iOS or Android version of official The X Factor app on your smartphone or tablet

Clear voting instructions appear within the app and you can only vote a maximum of FIVE TIMES in any "voting window."

You can use your free votes on just one contestant or split them between any combination of contestants.

Or you could just not us them at all!

Votes from phones (including mobiles) will still be accepted but will not be made free, instead priced at their usual 35p-a-go rate.

Mark Brittain, Global Head of Commercial, Syco Entertainment, announced earlier this year: “We are constantly looking to innovate around the show.

"Giving the viewers the ability to vote free through the app will allow viewers, we believe, an even greater opportunity to interact with their favourite show and, of course, play the hugely important role in deciding the ultimate winner of the series.”

The X Factor live shows begin this Saturday night on ITV with performances from the final 12 acts.

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