X Factor 2014 wild card twist: Bootcamp acts CAN come back

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The X Factor has confirmed that acts who were sent home at bootcamp can come back for the wild card.

It means that a return for the likes of Raign Rabin, Overload and Orla Keogh could be on the cards.

The X Factor bosses have also confirmed this evening that each judge will be picking an act for each other's category.

It's expected that Cheryl will pick a boy for Mel B, who will choose a group for Louis who is set to pick an Over contestant for Simon. Finally, Simon will select a girl for Cheryl to complete the girl.

While acts from bootcamp are available to pick from, it does appear that only Overload will be making such a return, with members of the band having been pictured at The X Factor house in Enfield this week.

Lola Saunders has also been photographed at the house, and spotted in the back of shots on the Xtra Factor, all but confirming she too has been picked.

Meanwhile, it's rumoured that Stevi Ritchie and Jack Walton are the wild cards for the Overs and Boys categories respectively.

Until Saturday however, nothing is confirmed!

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Last night we got our hands on some sneaky pictures of what could be the wild cards at the X Factor house...