XFactor 2014: Chloe Jasmine's already planning her final duet

Chloe Jasmine (X Factor 2014 finalists)

X Factor 2014 finalist Chloe Jasmine is already planning her duets for the show's final.

And she's got quite the ambitions, naming Madonna has her ideal singing partner.

Although if she's not available, Adele would do.

"If I could I'd like Oscar Pieterson on the piano and Frank Sinatra singing, but he can only do a few octaves so then we'd need someone a bit more dynamic," Chloe said this week.

She continued: "It's really weird because my granddad accompanied Ella Fitzgerald on piano in 1975. I only found that out last week.

"Grace Jones would be great. Adele's really cool but she's overpoweringly wonderful."

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Chloe went on to hit back at those who bring up her 'posh' accent.

"I'm just a normal girl and it's really rude of people to think I'm not worth voting for because of the way I speak," she said. "If I was from Essex, what would people say?"

The 24-year-old explained: "I did go to private school.

“My parents worked really hard to send me to school."

And she added: “They’re not from rich backgrounds; my father’s from Romford and he grew up on a council estate, effectively.”

Meanwhile Chloe's mum insisted that the accent was NOT fake.

"Everyone is fascinated by my daughter’s accent and whether it’s fake or not, but it’s definitely real," she said. “When she was about 11, she attended drama school and had speech lessons. That’s where the accent comes from.”

The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday on ITV with the live shows starting next weekend.

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