The X Factor 2014 house is HAUNTED, apparently.

x factor house

The X Factor 2014 house is HAUNTED, it's been claimed.

The final twelve live show contestants, who will be joined by FOUR wild cards, have been put up in a £2.8 million house for the duration of the show.

Or at least as long as we keep them in.

The singers - which include wacky duo Blonde Electra and model Chloe Jasmine - are staying in an eight room house in Enfield, close to the X Factor studios in Wembley.

But The X Factor 2014 house - which boasts six bathrooms, six reception rooms, a swimming pool, fitness centre, gym and even a sauna - has some unwelcome guests.

Just days after moving in, some contestants have revealed some ghostly goings on in the X Factor manson.

Singer Tom Mann from the new boy band said: “It’s freaky what’s going on here."

According to the Daily Star newspaper, medieval earl Geoffrey de Mandeville is said to "haunt the area."

Tom from Louis' still to be named boy band went on: “Last week at 2.30am there was knocking and banging.

“We thought it was someone trying to wind us up."

He added: “It’s got to the point where it’s a bit more than a coincidence. It’s not a prank."

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