XFactor 2014 final 12: Cheryl Cole defends Chloe Jasmine, says good singers are BORING

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Cheryl Cole has defended her choice to put Chloe Jasmine into the X Factor 2014 live shows.

Cheryl had originally ditched the Jazz singer back at bootcamp, but had a sudden change of mind at the last minute.

Now Chloe is in the live shows and Cheryl says it will to make the live episodes more interesting.

"A lot of girls sang amazingly but it gets boring," she said after sending the likes of Emily Middlemas, Kerrianne Covell and Lola Saunders.

Cheryl claimed: “You would get to week three of the live shows and you would be like, ‘OK, you can sing very well but I wouldn’t want to watch you in concert’.

"I’m always thinking who could be a star. Chloe might divide opinion but once people get to know her you can’t help but like her."

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Cheryl added: "She is mesmerising and just fascinating. I’ve never known anyone quite like her.”

As well as Chloe, Cheryl chose former Luminites singer and BGT finalist Stephanie Nala as well as Lauren Platt to take through to the live shows.

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