XFactor 2014: Lola Saunders in judges' houses breakdown

Lola Saunders

Lola Saunders struggles at judges' houses on The X Factor 2014 tonight.

The singer is forced to get help from her fellow contestants - and some harsh words of advice - being told by the other girls to "stop freaking out".

Lola tells cameras: "I think the nerves did get the better of me [at bootcamp], after I finished that song I thought 'no way'.

"I got carried away, I wasn't on my game and I really don't want it to happen again."

Lola continues: "I definitely don't want to go back to being a fish monger. You don't want to go out there today and crack up before I even start singing."

Lola adds: "Knowing there is one song and if that goes wrong, I'm not through. That'd probably be the worst moment in my life. I can't let anything get the better of me."

As she prepares to sing for Cheryl and Tinie, Lola begins to break down as she speaks about what singing means to her.

"I've not known anything else," she sobs, "Lyrics me something to me, ah man... singing to me means so much and I really want it."

"Don't cry," comforts Cheryl.

Watch Lola's performance and see if she makes the live shows when XFactor airs tonight at 8PM on ITV.

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