X Factor 2014 finalists move in to luxury mansion

X Factor UK final 12 to live in North London

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The X Factor 2014 finalists have moved in to a new luxury mansion in North London.

The final twelve live show contestants, who will be joined by FOUR wild cards later, are being put up in a £2.8 million house for the duration of the show.

Or as long as us viewers keep them in, at least.

The singers are staying in an eight room house in Enfield, close to the X Factor studios in Wembley.

The X Factor 2014 house also has six bathrooms and six reception rooms, as well as a swimming pool fitness centre and gym and even a sauna.

Let's hope they don't get too distracted that they forget to rehearse!

However locals are already unhappy with worries that the influx of fans wanting to see the contestants could cause problems, especially with a school nearby.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: “This is one of the most luxurious houses The X Factor has ever used. The contestants are absolutely thrilled.

“But the neighbours might be less so... particularly if it is invaded by all the local school kids.”

Previously Police had to close roads around the house when huge crowds turned up and even set up camps around the X Factor houses.

The X Factor live shows start next weekend on ITV.

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