X Factor 2014: All you need to know about Danny Dearden!

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X Factor's Danny Dearden has been a bit of a dark horse on the show this year.

The 23 year old from Rochdale wasn't seen in either his room or arena audition, only popping up at bootcamp at the weekend.

He's now in Mel B's final six boys and could make the live shows at judges' houses this weekend.

“When I first left school I did an apprenticeship in joinery and it was only when I started doing karaoke with the lads that I realised I could sing," Danny says. "I was about 18. It was a bit weird, I didn't take it seriously at first, it was just getting drunk with the lads now and again and then it became every weekend.

"Then they started saying, 'Ah, you should sing, you should do something with it'."

On growing up, 'teenage tearaway' Danny said: "When my mum and dad split up, that's when I grew up a lot. You realise that's part of life and you grow up a little bit. That's when I started to

Now through to the final six, Danny goes on: "I know I sang pretty average in the first audition, I know I didn't sing well. I thought, ‘I've got to up my game here'.”

And he revealed how nerves got the better of him when singing for Mel in Mexico for a rather unexpected reason.

"It didn't help that I got pooed on by a bird just beforehand," he revealed. "We were having some lunch and Mel was talking and I put my hand in some poo on the table which I didn't realise and wiped it on my face. Worst moment of my entire life!

"In front of Mel and Emma. The first time I had a proper chance to sit and talk to the judges and I get bird shit on my face! I stood up and said 'Oh, this is so embarrassing'.

"But she was like, 'That's good luck, that is, that's brilliant', so that was good."

The X Factor airs this Friday, Saturday and Sunday on ITV.

Browse pictures of Boys singing at The X Factor 2014 judges' houses below...

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