XFactor 2014: Helen Fulthorpe says 'no chance' of romance with Stevi Ritchie


XFactor's Helen Fulthorpe has said there's "no chance" of a romance on the show!

It follows Stevi Ritchie's claims that the pair have been getting close and flirting backstage.

Stevi said this week: “There has been some flirtation going on between me and Helen. She isn’t married and we both have children. It’s some friendly flirting.”

And he revealed how he was working out to "get his six pack back" for the mum-of-two.

He added: “I’m working out five times a week, I need to get my six-pack back.”

But Helen declared today: "It's a one­ way flirt.

"I just say to him one line: 'Stevi no chance'. I think he likes my Welshy accent."

Quizzed on just how Stevi was being with his advances and flirting, Helen explained: "I'm not sure. Some days I think he is, other days I think he's not.

"He's such a loveable and humble person and I love him as a friend. I'm not ready yet. I'm not interested in anyone."

Helen went on to admit that she's found it hard trying to juggle a relationship with her singing career and looking after her kids.

She said at judges' houses: "I've tried it. It's hard because during the week I'm so busy with the kids' after­ school activities and I'm not able to commit to somebody. And on weekends we're doing family stuff.

"The time I was working as a singer, I was working in the evenings so I was too busy to meet somebody or be with somebody and I will not give up my time with the kids just to go on a date.

"But now they're getting older and when they get to a certain age, that's when I'll try and find someone and settle down."

The X Factor airs this Friday, Saturday and Sunday on ITV.

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