X Factor 2014: Chloe Jasmine hits back at critics

Chloe Jasmin

X Factor's Chloe Jasmine has hit back at her critics after being caught up in a new fix row.

The singer has been involved in a controversial journey to judges' houses which included her getting a second audition at the Arena rounds, after she fluffed her first attempt.

Then on Friday night we saw Cheryl 'change her mind' and decide to bring back Chloe after originally ditching her, a choice that some have claimed was little to do with Cheryl.

Chloe admitted this weekend "I'm not the best singer in the competition, I know that. This is all new to me.

"I am not particularly confident with my ability at singing. With modelling it is great, you can do several takes and they can Photoshop it and put make up on you.

"With singing it is different, it is really hit and miss."

In an interview with the Daily Star on Sunday, Chloe also spoke about THAT first audition back in 2006, where the judges hated her and her fame hungry attitude.

"Simon didn't like me at that audition but I'm not surprised. That girl was not me. I don't know what the hell I was doing," Chloe explained. "You need to go out there and find who you are and you need to forge and hammer a character for yourself.

"If someone is looking at you and formulating an opinion on you depending on what you look like I don't think that is right."

Now she's in the final six Girls, Chloe has vowed to work on her vocals, saying: "I’m ­going to carry on – I’m not ­­going to give up.

“I’m going to get ­vocal training and see what happens"

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