XFactor 2014: Cheryl Cole tries to get Raign booted out of show

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Cheryl Cole tries to get Raign off The X Factor 2014 tonight as bootcamp concludes.

Last night, we saw Cheryl and Raign came to blows as the singer took to the stage for her performance as part of the six seat challenge.

Cheryl sniped as Raign appeared: "Oh my God, look at what is coming next.

"I am not in the mood in tonight."

Raign's performance of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak got a standing ovation and a seat in the next round from Simon, but Cheryl complained: "It doesn't do anything for me."

Raign told the judges: "It's okay to be a bit strange sometimes, I'm here to represent the misfits."

Simon told her: "You are what I call marmite, you either love you or hate you, you have a great singing voice."

Raign replied: "I'd love nothing more than be mentored by people whose opinion I really respect."

Cheryl told Simon: "I am literally allergic to her."

On tonight's episode, Raign has her seat in the next round but Cheryl attempts to persuade Simon to take it off her.

As Simon decides who to swap out for Jay James, Cheryl begs: "Raign, Raign, Raign."

And when he decides against that, Cheryl claims: "You made a mistake."

When Simon opts to swap another singer out, Cheryl again urges him: "Raign, Raign, I don't like her."

Will Cheryl get her way?

The X Factor 2014 airs tonight at 8PM on ITV.

Browse pictures of this evening's bootcamp acts below...

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