X Factor 2014: Meet new 8 piece boy band formed at bootcamp

X Factor new boy band

An eight piece boy band has been formed at X Factor 2014's bootcamp - find out what you need to know here.

From left to right (above) – James Graham, Reece Bibby, Tom Mann, Casey Johnson, Jake Sims, Charlie Jones, Barclay Beales and Chris Leonard

All initially auditioning as soloists they were sent home at boot camp challenge one. The judges threw them a life line after realising there could be a place for them in the competition.

The judges brought the boys back and said "we think that amongst this group of 8 there could be something interesting to work with."

They considered making the band smaller, but after watching them rehearse as an eight piece in the workshop Simon told the other judges: "I want to do something crazy."

He told the boys: "You've all made the band.

"When we saw you as 8 people and this is no word of a lie every single one of us said, none of this band can leave. This is something different. It’s nice to do something different."

Tonight they'll be singing Run by Leona Lewis for a spot at judges' houses.

X Factor 2014 new boy band

JAMES GRAHAM - 17 year old music studio volunteer from Essex. He lives at home with his mum, dad and brother. He left school at 15 and was home school for the final year. He currently volunteers at a local music studio and in turn the owner gives him free studio time.

REECE BIBBY – 15 year old student from Lancashire. Reece lives with his mum, dad and sister in a small town and says his dad is the reason for his singing. He taught himself how to play the guitar from videos on YouTube and his hero is Liam Gallagher and he once met him at a gig and ended up singing Wonderwall with him.

TOM MANN - 20 year old musician and football coach from Southampton. Tom entered the show in 2013 and got to boot camp but missed out on a seat in Louis’ category. He lives with his mum, dad and three siblings. He’s spent the last year gigging and writing to improve his confidence.

CASEY JOHNSON – 19 year old sales assistant from London. Casey lives with his mum, dad, brother and sister. He has only sung locally and at karaoke bars but had never thought seriously about pursuing music as a career. Casey describes himself as a ladies man and says he has never failed to get a girls number.

JAKE SIMS – 19 year old student from Bristol. Jake lives with his mum and younger sister who he is very close to and he considers himself the man of the house. His mum is a singer so he has grown up with music.

CHARLIE JONES – 14 year old student from Kent, Charlie is the youngest member of the band. He lives at home with his parents. He goes to an all-boys school and his mum says if there were girls there he wouldn’t get anything done. Charlie has been singing since he was 8 and is part of a Saturday school to improve his performing.

BARCLAY BEALES – 18 year old tyre fitter from Devon. Barclay auditioned as a yodeller for the show last year but lost his place at Boot Camp. He lives at home in a small village with his Dad, brother and sister. He works six days a week in a garage as a tyre fitter.

CHRIS LEONARD – 18 year old barman from Ireland. Chris has been singing since he was four. He lives at home with his mum and dad in a small village in Southern Ireland. He left college to pursue music. Chris was originally a member of a five piece boyband who split this year.

The X Factor 2014 airs this evening from 8PM on ITV.

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