X Factor 2014 FIX! Chloe Jasmine got second audition after awful first performance


Chloe Jasmine has become the focus of a X Factor fix row after revelations about her arena audition.

We saw the singer on Saturday night win a spot at bootcamp with a performance of Why Don't You Do Right, which had the audience on their feet.

But it turns out that this was actually Chloe's second audition, having completely messed up her first performance.

“Chloe’s original arena audition was so bad it was never shown," a source said today. “But viewers would never have known as it wasn’t mentioned.”

According to The Sun newspaper, Chloe had originally performed Ella Fitzgerald's Misty for the judges but forgot the words and ended up in tears on stage.

A private conversation with the panel saw Chloe given a second chance to do it all over again.

The source explained: “In the audition screened, the judges are pretending they hadn’t seen her since her Room performance.

“With a different song and a better performance, she got through. It’s clear bosses are absolutely desperate to keep Chloe in the show."

An insider on The X Factor blamed Chloe's first messy performance on her current break up.

They said: “She had recently split up with her boyfriend so she wasn’t in a fit state to perform. We gave her the chance to go away and compose herself. This does happen and the only reason it wasn’t seen on the show was that there wasn’t enough time to fit all of this into the episode.”

A spokesperson for The X Factor commented: “Judges on occasion give a second chance if they feel the contestant hasn’t fulfilled their potential from their Room audition.”

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