XFactor UK auditionee storms off after judges get brutal

Michelle Lawson

Michele Lawson storms off stage on The X Factor 2014 after being left "devastated" by her audition.

We previously saw the 37 year old singer from Liverpool back at the room auditions, singing
One And Only by Adele.

“At my first audition I was nervous. I got three yeses. Simon was the only one who was unsure, so I really want to get him on my side," Michelle says in tonight's show.

Simon described her room audition as a wedding performance and tonight's performance of Jennifer Hudson's And I’m Telling You does little to change that.

Cheryl complains that there is "no melody" to the performance while Simon hits out: "You're all over the place and that's what cruise ship singers do unfortunately, I can't bear it."

Louis also had a number of problems with Michelle's Arena audition and says: “Michelle, you can definitely sing but I honestly don’t think you are what we are looking for on the show.

"It was a little over the top and shouty You are not going to sell any records.”

He ads: "It was too overcooked for me. Your a good singer but I don't think you're going to be a star."

Storming off stage after telling the judges she was "devastated," Michelle rips off her microphone pack and snubs Dermot before saying: "Don't even speak to me, angry

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