XFactor 2014: 4 changes that could boost ratings

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The X Factor is back this weekend and with Simon Cowell's return failing to improve ratings, we've put together some other changes we think could help get viewers turning back in.

Ditch the laughter track

The X Factor has become more and more like an episode of an American sitcom with its over the top audience reactions, which often bear no resemblance to what we actually see from the crowd on screen. Get rid!

Less 'reality' VTs

We really don't need to see acts getting up in the morning or their way to the audition. This time is better spent on showing actual singing.

If the producers are keen to air these clips, at least focus on the contestants and their personalities', rather than the bizarre supposedly spontaneous chats backstage between acts that often feature worse acting than an episode of Hollyoaks.

Stop focusing so much on the nos...

That's not to say don't show them at all, but rather spend less time on them as opposed to sometimes dedicating entire parts of the episode to someone who we'll never see again.

...More focus on the potential winners

Instead, we want to see more of the acts who actually have the potential to win the show which means less time dedicated to novelty acts or off notes and more actual singing.

We've yet to see any of some of this year's more popular contestants, such as Steph Nala or Amelia O'Connell.

What would you do to improve X Factor? What are some of your gripes about the show? Add your comments below!

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