X Factor 2014: Chloe Jasmine talks about THAT previous audition

Chloe Jasmine

Chloe Jasmine has said she 'wasn't herself' when she auditioned for The X Factor back in 2006.

We revealed Chloe's first attempt on the show back on Saturday just hours after her first audition aired, and it was rather different.

Then aged 16, a very fame hungry Chloe was left in tears by the judges after getting three nos from the panel during Series 3.

Simon told her: “It’s like you’ve been bred in a laboratory like some music creation. None of it came out right.

“You represent millions of 16 year old people in his country today who just want to be famous like that but it’s too much and too over the top.”

After Chloe had left the audition room in tears crying, Simon added: “She is every parent’s nightmare, doesn’t want to work for a living, wants it all now.”

Speaking about that audition today, Chloe claimed that she "wasn't herself" and has changed a lot over the last eight years.

And much of that work seems to have been put into a new accent.

Chloe told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "When I look back on my audition back in 2006, I really wasn't myself.

"I was very young and still unsure of who I really was.

"Eight years have passed since, and now I'm much more self assured and confident in who I am."

Watch Chloe's 2006 audition below...

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