The X Factor 2014: 12 more amusing quotes from episode two

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Tonight's second episode of The X Factor 2014 saw another array of wacky hopefuls provoking even more hilarious remarks from the judges.

There was call centre worker Stevi Richie, who ended up dad-dancing to Olly Murs' 'Dance With Me Tonight' after forgetting the words half way through.

We also saw French screamer Oceane, Italian pug-lover Andrea, and the rather, er, unusual pairing of Kitten and The Hip.

Here are some more of our favourite moments from the show in quote form.


"Whatever the opposite of entertaining is, that was you."

— We don't think Simon was a fan of GCB


"I have green eyes, they say people with green eyes are good at everything, but I don't think I am!"

— Despite his disastrous performance, Stevi Richie made it to the arena auditions


"I bet he loves it at the call centre. Even when they complain he's happy."

Simon reflects on Stevi's audition

Kitten & The Hip


Mel: "I'm not that 'party'."
Cheryl: "I saw you last night."
Mel: "What happened?"
Cheryl: "Exactly."

— The female judges compare their girlband credentials


"I actually would like to find another Steps, just with better people in it."

Simon was impressed by mixed group Only The Young


"I thought it was father and daughter!"

Louis during Kitten and The Hip's audition. Don't worry Lou Lou, we're sure you weren't the only one


"Yes. I'd do anything it takes to get there. I am so hungry for this."

Kitten took all of half a second to decide to go it alone


"For fifty something years old, to pull that lady, every night he's laughing."

Mel reckons The Hip doesn't have it so bad


"It was like you'd swallowed a load of people and they were all screaming."

Simon reacts to Oceane's window-shattering audition

Andrea Faustini


Mel: "Keep singing for yourself, at home,where nobody else can hear you."
Simon: "With the door firmly shut."

— Jan needn't have bothered coming all the way over from Poland


"You took it to church and back brother!"

Mel B praises Andrea's impressive pipes


Simon: "It's almost like I wanna put his voice in somebody else."
Cheryl: "I also wanna put your voice somewhere else, but we don't get that luxury in life."

— Miaow!

The X Factor returns for more auditions next Saturday and Sunday on ITV.

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