The X Factor 2014: Linzi Martin turned down by former boss Simon Cowell

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Former Girl Thing member Linzi Martin has failed to win over The X Factor 2014 judges after auditioning for the show in an attempt to find solo stardom.

Martin, 33, was one fifth of the 90s girl group - created by X Factor supremo Simon Cowell - who were once touted as the 'new Spice Girls'.

However, they were dropped after their second single failed to reach the top 20.

"To go from that to just right on the floor in a matter of days, it was awful," she said, adding that she'd previously lacked the courage to try out for the talent contest.

Simon instantly recognised Linzi as she entered the audition room - but nerves eventually got the better of her.

Singing 'I'll Be There' by the Jackson 5, she stumbled the start of the performance - and her vocals proved too weak to win over the rather sheepish-looking judges.

Louis Walsh and Mel B offered her pity yesses, with the latter telling her: "You know what, we all deserve second, third, fourth, fifth chances in life. I'm gonna say yes, you deserve another chance.

"I would not normally say yes because that was not a good audition, but I feel compelled to say yes to you today."

However, Cheryl Cole said she'd "feel unfair" to put Linzi through - before Simon delivered the brutal truth.

"I'm gonna be honest with you Linzi. This is not gonna work out for you. Your voice just isn't good enough sweetheart," said the uncharacteristically sympathetic media mogul.

"I don't wanna give you false hope. I know you had a hard time a few years ago, I just don't wanna put you through this again. Your voice just isn't good enough, I'm gonna have to say no. I'm really sorry, I mean that."

Linzi left the room in tears, acknowledging: "I was too worked up about it. The fact I wanted it so much has kind of overwhelmed me."

Meanwhile, Cheryl described the audition as "one of the worst" she's ever experienced, explaining: "I know that feeling, I know my career could quite easily have been like that."

Girl Thing previously made a comeback on ITV2 show The Big Reunion earlier this year.

The X Factor continues next Saturday at 8.00pm on ITV.