X Factor 2014 recap: All the audition results from episode two

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Tonight's The X Factor 2014 auditions saw lots of success for the groups - but not for former Girl Thing member Linzi Martin.

The 33-year-old - who reunited with her old band on ITV2's The Big Reunion earlier this year - hoped the talent contest would give her the platform to succeed as a solo artist, but her wobbly vocals let her down on the day.

It also featured a smattering of hopefuls who'd travelled to the UK from around the world in the hope of winning over Simon Cowell - but some were more successful than others.

Here is a round-up of all the results from the latest episode.

The Yesses

Stevi Richie

It's fair to say Stevi completely messed up his audition, forgetting the lyrics to 'Dance With Me Tonight' halfway through - but despite this the judges found the 33-year-old call centre worker likeable enough that they wanted to see him again.

Simon complimented his "kind eyes", saying: "I'm not saying that vocal was perfect, but I like you. You're like the guy at the office that goes to the office party, and then Olly Murs comes on and off you go."

Cheryl Cole added: "A lot of people would have given up halfway though, but you kept going!"

Only The Young

This four-piece - Mikey, Betsy, Parisa and Charlie - kicked off a string of successes for the groups after impressing with their version of 'Something About The Way You Look Tonight' by Elton John.

"That's how you do an audition. It's so refreshing to have somebody come in that's original," said Cheryl, with Simon adding: "I like the way you chose an old song and made it current. Some of the vocals were off, but you can all sing."


Boyband Concept - Karim, Scott, Matt, Nathan and Ben - were a hit after performing Labrinth hit 'Earthquake'. "You've obviously worked hard at this, worked out the harmonies and vibes and style of it all," said Mel B.



Naomi, Amelle and Ella - a.k.a. Arize - left with four yesses. "I like you three, I think you're real," commented Simon.


Also repping the boys were Overload - Ollie, Joey, Andy, Jordi and Ryan - who had only been together for a matter of weeks beforehand. "You've got stronger singers and weaker singers, but I really liked it," said Mel of their cover of 'Pompeii' by Bastille.

Andrea Faustini

Cheryl herself said she'd learned not to judge a book by its cover after rather bonkers pug fanatic Andrea bounced in to the room - only to blow the panel away with his rendition of 'Who's Lovin' You' by the Jackson 5.

"That was a big soulful vocal," grinned Mel. "You took it to church and back brother. My favourite of the auditions so far."

Helen Fulthorpe

Helen may not have had the courage to apply for the show herself, but she got a confidence boost when the judges awarded her four yesses. "I'm really happy your boy filled in that application form," smiled Simon.

Michelle Lawson

Cruise ship singer Michelle also got a full house, with Louis Walsh telling her: "You've got a great voice, you've got something special."

Chloe Thwala

Chloe, a 30-year-old South African student, made it to the arena after Mel B praised her for her "big voice", saying: "You've got the potential to do anything."


There were mixed fortunes for Kitten and The Hip - a.k.a. Ashley, 53, and Scarlett, 28, a married couple who have a child together. Following their audition, the judges seemed rather taken by Scarlett, with Louis complimenting her for her "look" and "sass"...

The No's

The Hip

...but it was the opposite outcome for The Hip, with their prospects of succeeding as a duo being instantly shot down.

Cheryl said they didn't "work" together musically, while Mel suggested: "I think the man should step back and go, 'you know what, I'm pushing 60, let my wife be the front of this and stand down like a man'."

Despite their romance, Scarlett was eager to go it alone, so the panel gave four yesses to her as a solo act.


Simon described teenage duo GCB's audition as the "most boring" he's "ever sat through" - so it's no surprise they were sent packing with four no's.

Oceane Guyot

Parisian au pair Oceane was hoping to match the British winner of last year's French X Factor by triumphing over in Blighty - but her, er, high-pitched Mariah-like vocals were turned down by the judges. Mel said she'd "never heard anything like that before". Quite.

Oceane Guyot

Jimmy Cheung

Jimmy came all the way over from Hong Kong to try out for Cowell and co - but he needn't have bothered, as he also got four no's.

Jan Chicorz

Mel advised Polish factory worker Jan was advised to keep singing... at home where no-one could hear him. The other panellists agreed, and once again it was no's all round.

Linzi Martin

By far the most emotional moment of the episode came at the end, when Linzi Martin turned up to try out. It brought back memories for Simon, as she was a member of Girl Thing, the girl group managed by the media mogul in the late 90's, who were dubbed the new Spice Girls - until their second single flopped.

She was hoping X Factor would give her a second shot at stardom, but although she got sympathy 'yesses' from Louis and Mel, it wasn't enough. "Your voice just isn't good enough sweetheart. I don't wanna give you false hope," said Simon. "I can't lie to you Linzi, this isn't for you."

The X Factor 2014 continues next Saturday night at 8.00pm on ITV.