X Factor 2014: Blonde Electric get hate mail from their own "crazy" parents

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X Factor duo Blonde Electric have been receiving hate mail... from their OWN parents.

The wacky sister duo managed to win over the panel despite a rather dodgy performance of Jessie J's Do It Like A Dude on Saturday night's opening audition episode.

But the pair's religious parents aren't happy about their choice of career.

“They always thought we’d be missionaries. With us breaking away from that and becoming singers, they’re not very happy," they said this week. “They send us hate emails from time to time, saying ‘repent’, ‘you’re going to hell’ and ‘you’re sinners’.

"We love our parents, but they’re crazy.”

Indeed, as according to Blonde Electric - made up of Jazzy, who is 24 and younger sis Ruby, 22 - they were brought up under the belief that the world would be ending in the year 2000.

Jazzy said: “They’re Doomsday preppers. They have a basement where they keep tinned food.”

Still very much alive like the rest of us, now Jazzy and Ruby are planning to "freak out" Simon Cowell during their next performance at Wembley Arena.

They said: “Our goal is to freak Simon out.”

The X Factor 2014 continues Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.