The X Factor 2014 recap: All the results from episode one

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The X Factor returned to ITV for its eleventh series tonight, with some of the best and most bonkers auditions the show has ever seen.

The first episode marked the returns of Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole to the judging panel after four-year absences, with the pair joined by newcomer Mel B and, of course, Louis Walsh.

The foursome were left in stitches by several wacky hopefuls, including one whose mother brought trays of food in to the audition room - and another who refused to leave.

But there were plenty of talented performers too - even if a procession of guitar players made Simon smash one of the stringed instruments against the floor.

Here's a round-up of all the results from episode one.

The Yesses

Blonde Electric

Peppy sisters Jazzy (24) and Ruby (22) may have got on people's nerves with their bouncing and screaming - but Simon, Louis and Mel were so entertained by the pair's performance of Jessie J's 'Do It Like A Dude' that they couldn't help but put them through to the arena.

"Imagine the biggest blackboard in the world, and you've got eight people dragging their nails down it, times ten. That's how irritating you were, but irritating in a way that I'm fascinated by you," said Simon.

Cheryl gave them a no, however, explaining: "I think you're very nice people, but it wasn't my cup of tea."

Reece Bibby

16-year-old Reece succeeded where other guitar players failed by winning Simon over with 'Latch' by Disclosure. He earned all four yesses, with Mel gushing: "I loved it, I wanted to stand up and applaud. It's young, it's current, it's fresh. I love everything that you are."

Charlie Jones

Charlie's goal is to have thousands of girls screaming his name, but at the moment his biggest fan is Simon, who remarked: "You know what, you've got potential. I'm gonna say yes. I don't think it matters what the other three say."

Chloe O'Gorman

Chloe, 17, also impressed Simon by singing 'Right to be Wrong' by Joss Stone. "You have natural soul, you look amazing and I think we've just scratched the surface with you," smiled the media mogul.

Lauren Platt

Completing the line-up of youngsters in episode one was Lauren, who was given four yesses after her performance of 'I Know Where I Have Been' by Queen Latifah.

Ben Quinlan

Ben Quinlan

Irish charmer Ben certainly made an impression on Cheryl, presenting her with a green rose. Her face may have fallen when Simon invited her to give Ben a kiss, but she was kind enough to help send him through with four yesses.

Amy Connolly

Later, Cheryl experience deja vu when she came face-to-face with Amy Connolly - a former contestant who she sent home at the judges' houses stage in the fifth series. The betting shop assistant proceeded to captivate all four judges with her rendition of 'With You' from Ghost The Musical.

"There's something that you do to me, it's like a connection. You stood there with confidence and poise. I'm so happy to see you," said Cheryl.

"It was very emotional," added Louis, with the panel awarding Amy four yesses.

Chloe Jasmine

With her unique style, it easy to see why posh Chloe been dubbed the new Katie Waissel in the media - and she's now a step closer to the live shows after getting four yesses for her version of 'Black Coffee' by Ella Fitzgerald.

"You're unusual, a bit kooky, but you've got a cool authentic bluesy throwback voice," remarked Simon, while Mel joked: "I would like to talk like you one day."

 Jay James

Former Navy man Jay closed the first episode, stunning the judges with an emotional rendition of A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera's 'Say Something'. He left with four yesses.

"God, the passion and emotion was just ridiculously good, I cannot even tell you. I hate you because you made me cry, and I don't cry," Mel B reacted.

"When you first started I thought good, but it got better and better. The control on your voice, the way you built it, it was outstanding," added Simon.

The No's

Shayden Willis

Shayden's audition was memorable for all the wrong reasons, as he refused to stop playing his own self-written songs on a keyboard. Cheryl eventually walked off set for a loo break - and a bored Louis and Mel followed suit, leaving Simon to endure the spectacle on his own.

After Simon asked the staff to 'unplug' him, Shayden got up, sang a few lines from 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra and finally left the room.

Angelina Robinson

Angelina Robinson

Angelina captured the judges' attention in a very different way, with her mum bringing in all sorts of food for them - including a massive cake and tray after tray of Chinese takeaway treats. The singing wasn't up to scratch though, with Simon summing up: "It's a no darling. The singing was terrible."

Steve Callegari

Following an utterly bizarre performance of Coldplay's 'Clocks', Steve was sent packing with four no's.

Naomi Goldblatt

Student Naomi tried her very best, but Simon wasn't keen, telling her: "You know what, this isn't for you. A long way up, I'm not sure you're ever gonna be right."

Mila Falls

It's always rather amusing when a vocal coach is given their marching orders - and Mila had Simon laughing: "You were like somebody a bit drunk at a nightclub just singing along to the record."

Jordan Pass

Finally, Jordan seemed to enjoy belting out 'Adorn' by Miguel - but Simon soon brought him back down to earth, saying: "I will forget you tomorrow."

The X Factor 2014 continues tomorrow night at 8.00pm on ITV with more auditions.