X Factor 2014: Simon Cowell takes swipe at "idiot" flop judges

Louis Walsh car (X Factor 2014)

X Factor boss Simon Cowell has put out a warning to his judges not to make themselves look like idiots.

Mentioning no names, of course.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming series, Simon claimed that members of The X Factor panel needed to be successful in order to prove their worth.

"To do what I do, the only thing that bothers me is whether or not I am relevant," he explained. “If you are sitting on these shows and you are not having hit records or hit artists in your real life I think you look a bit of an idiot.

“All I care about is if I can sit on one of these shows and justify why I am there because in my day job I am creating hit artists.

“Otherwise you are just a judge for hire.”

In a chat with US TV channel AXS, which will broadcast The X Factor UK for the first time ever on American telly, Simon also defended his 'Mr Nasty' image.

He said: "The worst thing you can do is having someone come in with absolutely no talent whatsoever and absolutely no chance of a career.

“I think it is a crime to say to these people, ‘Well take a couple of singing lessons and it will all work out’, as it just does not work out that way.”

The X Factor starts on August 30 on ITV.

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