X Factor 2014 spoilers New EIGHT piece boy group formed at bootcamp

Barclay Beales (X Factor 2013)

The X Factor 2014 judges have formed a huge new boyband on this year's show.

While manufactured groups are nothing new to X Factor, this one is rather unique in that it has a whopping EIGHT members.

And with the lower age limit to this year's show, they're reportedly aged from as young as 14 all the way up to 20.

"Basically we auditioned as soloists and we got rejected. But they brought us back together as a band and here we are," the group said ahead of their first performance together at bootcamp on Sunday, the Daily Mirror reports.

Simon Cowell told them: "There’s so many four piece bands, five piece bands, three piece bands- to see eight talented guys because the sound of your vocals together on the chorus, it’s like I’ve never heard this before from a group like this."

He declared: "You’re one of the best groups we’ve had on the show.”

Cheryl Cole added: "You know what’s actually fascinating, the amount of information that all of you individually have had to take in over the last two days.

"Not being solo artists, having to gel together and learning how to sing together. The fact that you’re an eight piece. This is all just fresh, fresh, fresh!”

Further to that we can also reveal that two of the group's members previously auditioned just last year: Tom Mann and Barclay Beales both made the bootcamp stages in 2013.

A new girl group were also formed but our spies at the try outs told us that they didn't enjoy the same sort of success as the guys.

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The X Factor starts at the end of the month on ITV.

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