X Factor 2014 auditions: Fans LOVE Cheryl's return as judge

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Cheryl's return to The X Factor this year has proved a hit amongst fans.

There have been some silly and ridiculous reports this morning about the Girls Aloud star being booed by the audience during the weekend's auditions at Wembley.

But having attended the try outs on Monday ourselves, we found the opposite.

As Cheryl, Louis Walsh and Mel B were introduced the cheers were also deafening for the singer-with-no-surname with fans even bringing her an array of gifts.

Including, for reasons we're still unsure of, a wooden hobby horse.

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Cheryl was kind in giving a string on awful singers the heave-ho and while some audience members did seem to like them it certainly wasn't because of their voice.

Wacky 'five piece band' Sammy had the audience laughing with her personality but her voice was really not up to scratch.

And when she told one singer to get some charisma on stage an ill judged comparison to Justin Bieber prompted boos.

However these turned into laughs and then into cheers, as Cheryl quipped: "When they liked him!", before adding: "Maybe Harry Styles is a better example."

That's to say it was Beiber, not Chezza, the crowd were jeering.

With Simon away, Cheryl took charge of the auditions and thank God she did as we fear the audience would've fallen to sleep had some of the boring hopefuls been allowed to sing a full song.

The Arena auditions definitely showed up which contestants actually had a chance of becoming popstars and who should go back to singing in their bedrooms.

Meanwhile, we did feel that there was a slight air of favourtiism towards some contestants at the arena try outs coming off the back of the room auditions.

Some acts were given just one shot to impress, with Mel B snapping at one performer who begged for a second chance: "Nope".

Cheryl Cole (The X Factor 2014)

But others who had clearly won over the panel earlier got up to three songs to finally give an acceptable performance.

And even then it seemed that the judges knew that they weren't really good enough to be going through.

The X Factor airs on ITV later this year.