X Factor 2014 judges: Cheryl threatens to slap Simon Cowell!

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Cheryl Cole threatened to give Simon Cowell a slap at X Factor 2014 auditions yesterday.

The pair repeatedly clashed at tryouts in Wembley at the weekend, with Simon continuously making fun of her comments.

He told her after she asked a boyband how they stood out: “That was a really ridiculous question.”

And after giving some advice to one hopeful, Simon quipped: “And just how many auditions have you done?”

Even pinching her at points, Cheryl snapped: “I am gonna give him a slap. Shut your cakehole."

She added: “I swear there is going to be hell if you do that to me one more time. I’m not talking to you.”

The Geordie then told the crowd: “He doesn’t stop whispering in my ear when I talk.”

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, a source said: “For some reason he knows what buttons to push to annoy Cheryl and he is doing it.

“It’s funny because everyone thought Cheryl would be rowing with Mel B or Louis. We’d love to see Cheryl crack and really wallop him.”

Meanwhile, Simon also took a swipe at last year's judges after being impressed by an act who failed to make it through.

“How you didn’t make it through last year is beyond me," he told them. “I don’t know what the panel were thinking — Louis!”

The X Factor 2014 begins later this month on ITV.