X Factor news: Tamera Foster glad she was booted out

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X Factor's Tamera Foster reckons it was a good thing she didn't win last year's show.

Or even make the final.

The singer has been picked up by Simon Cowell's Syco Record label already despite not even making the semi-finals last series after finishing in fifth place.

“She got a rough time on the show because she forgot her lyrics all the time, but she’s incredibly young,” a source told to The Sun newspaper earlier this year. “There’s definitely something special about her.

“She’s a potential superstar in the making.”

Speaking to Wonderland magazine this month, Tamera said she felt "comfortable" with both her music and performing now.

She remarked on her time on the show: "I had a million different things going around in my head – dances to remember, which camera to look at – there are all these cues you have to catch, you’re constantly thinking while you’re singing."

Tamera went on to claim that she wasn't worried about waiting so long to release music as her tracks wouldn't be any old covers.

"I think some artists that have disappeared from the show are people with good voices who can’t really showcase it because you’re just doing covers," she suggested. "Not many people really know what kind of artist they are… I left knowing what to do, knowing what my sound is and the type of person I wanna work with – the show gives you a platform. It’s up to you what to do with it."

Tamera is the fourth of last year's acts to be signed with Sam Bailey and Nicholas McDonald having already released albums while Rough Copy this week signed to Epic Records.