X Factor 2015 auditions: Top tips for this year's XFactor hopefuls


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With the auditions for The X Factor 2015 now well under way we've put together a hopefully handy list of tips and advice about preparing for your shot at fame and stardom.

With behind the scenes gossip and backstage secrets, we hope this article will help you get through!

Remember these are just our own personal tips, if you have anything you'd love to share be sure to add a comment! Are you auditioning for The X Factor this year? Add a comment below and tell us how you get on!

Preparing for your auditions

Unfortunately the audition process is nowhere near as quick and simple as it appears on telly, for the simple fact with over 200,000 applying it'd take the judges literally years (3.80 years to be exact) to view all the auditions and whittle them down to the final 12. As a result a lot of the hopefuls are culled in the unscreened so called "pre-audition" process, which is most likely where you'll start off.

Your first audition will be in a large sports place or Arena, somewhere like Wembley - but don't get too excited as you'll be getting nowhere near the stage. You'll be invited into a small booth where you'll perform a bit of your song in front of some junior production members who'll give you an instant yes or no decision there and then. Don't expect any pleasantries or feedback, this part of the process is all about getting the number of auditionees down to a manageable level as quickly as possible.


If you get through then you'll get your golden ticket and move onto another producer audition, usually held at the same location the next day, where you'll perform in front of more senior staff. You won't get any feedback on your performance this time though, only a call or email in the summer to invite you to audition in front of the judges if you're successful.

The producer auditions are quite tough, you'll be queuing and waiting around a lot of the time as well as taking part in filming so come prepared. Be sure to wrap up and dress for the weather, as well as take food and drink..

Choose your song wisely

The song has got to be the most important part of your audition, more important perhaps even than you're actual vocal talents. Remember that The X Factor is after a mainstream popstar and chart artist, so stick to relatively mainstream and modern tracks, the times when a good singer could come in and belt out a Whitney or Maria classic are long gone. Current chart songs may be a good idea to tackle, although finding something that shows off your talents should be put above something which is popular.

Be sure to make your version of the song unique, this isn't 'Stars In Their Eyes' - you're not trying to impersonate the original artist! Bear in mind also that you'll have only 30 seconds to a minute to make your mark in the very first audition, so choose the best part of the track you sing the most confidently.

Don't try and show off and perform your own song, this isn't a writing competition! It'll just come across as self-indulgent, especially at such an early stage.


Pick a good selection of tracks

If you make it to the live audition stages you'll be asked by the producers to prepare a number of different tracks for your audition, all of which you may be asked to perform if the judges feel the need, so be prepared! Select a good mix of older and more contemporary tracks, some slow and some up-tempo and if you're able to even throw in a few different genres.

A good example of this is X Factor 2010 contestant Aiden Grimshaw, who viewers saw performing a unique version of Kanye West's R&B hit 'Gold Digger' on the show. While it wasn't aired, we can also reveal Aiden performed Michael Buble's version of the classic Frank Sinatra hit 'That's Life', as well as a version of Britney Spears’ pop song 'Toxic'. Three very different songs all of which went some way to convincing the judges to put him through to boot camp, and eventually the live shows!

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