X Factor: James Arthur has 'plenty of labels waiting', apparently.

James Arthur

X Factor winner James Arthur's career isn't over just yet you'll be pleased to know.

At least that's according to his sister.

The former X Factor champ was reportedly dropped from Simon Cowell's Syco record label this week after the gaffe prone singer showcased songs that supposedly glamorised terrorism.

"It feels like the end of the road for him at Syco. James has been his own worst enemy," a source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper at the weekend. “He has done himself no favours with his outbursts. It’s as if he’s almost willing Syco to drop him.

“Simon and Syco have been extremely loyal to James throughout his problems but there’s only so much they are prepared to put up with.”

There has been no official comment so far on James' future with Syco declining to comment on the reports but his sister has spoken up.

Sian Arthur 'took to Twitter' to first deny that James had been dropped and then to claim that he had "plenty of labels waiting" for his songs anyway.

“James hasn’t been dropped by Simon Cowell,” she tweeted. “No idea where they get their info from. Even if he did there are plenty of labels waiting for him.”

If James has been axed from the label it seems that no one has even told him yet as he also tweeted yesterday: "As far as I know I am still with syco but I am exclusively signed to Sony. People look too deeply into the media circus. It's about music."

Music and needlessly slagging off everyone else, right James?

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