X Factor 2014 judges: 6 more possible names to join Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell

Pixie Lott

With speculation mounting over who will be joining Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell on the X Factor this year, we pose five more potential names...

Rumour has it that the other X Factor 2014 judges are still up in the air with bosses now apparently in talks with Sharon Osbourne about a return after she announced her exit last year.

But with still nothing confirmed here are six names that have been linked to the show this year…

Pixie Lott

Pixie was a guest judge on the show back in 2011/2 and proved pretty popular, if a tad bland at times but it was her first appearance. We reckon the Nasty hitmaker would do well given the chance to settle in. Speaking about joining the show recently, Pixie said: "I would never say never because I think Cheryl said she wouldn't do it again and you can change your mind so easily. I did like being a guest judge for the day it was really different."
Odds: 33/1

Demi Lovato

Having proven herself as a judge on the American show it shouldn't be hard for Demi to make the transition here to the UK, although Cheryl Cole did struggle going the other way. Demi was perhaps the highlight of the US panel and it'll be a shame not to have her on our tellys as much with the show now axed.
Odds: 8/1

Demi Lovato

Ellie Goulding

With a strong and proven track record as a chart topper, Ellie Goudling certainly has the credentials for the role. Some may argue she would be a little boring but we think she could actually be quite confrontational when it comes to sticking up for her acts.
Odds: 12/1

Michel Buble

An X Factor regular with decades of experience, Michael Buble would make a rather fine X Factor judge and we imagine a lot of viewers would love him too. However we imagine there would be the usual claims that he's not 'youth' or 'fresh' enough.
Odds: 10/1

Bruno Mars

If there's going to have to be three guys on the panel this year then making Bruno Mars the third would certainly mix things up alongside Simon and Louis. The American singer-songwriter would probably make for a great addition although we imagine he's fairly busy with his recent global success.
Odds: 14/1

Lily allen

Lily Allen

We know she'll never do it but Lily Allen would be SOOO good on the show and we know for a fact she wouldn't hold back on her opinions. And with Cheryl also on the panel this year, the fireworks would be ratings gold.
Odds: 100/1

Who's judging The X Factor 2014 if you had your way? Add your comments below!

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