XFactor judges 2014: Cheryl Cole 'needs' show says Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole

X Factor boss Simon Cowell reckons that Cheryl Cole 'needs' to return to the series.

The music mogul suggested that the Girls Aloud star would be "crazy" to turn down his offers of a comeback.

Sources have claimed that Simon is offering Chezza up to £2 million to return to the series as well as access to his private jet and a load of other luxury extras, including an 'unlimited' clothing budget.

"I think she would be crazy to turn it down but you never know with Cheryl," Simon said. “She needs the show, but then we need her too. We both need each other.

“Is she still the nation’s sweetheart? She hasn’t been on TV for three years so who knows."

Speaking to the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper, Simon continued: “She hasn’t been around for a while but she only needs to peel an orange and she’s in the papers. That’s the interesting thing about her.”

But despite all that, the record label boss admitted he had no idea whether or not it'd be yes from Cheryl.

“To be fair to Cheryl it’s not about the money, it’s whether she can handle the pressure," he said. “I’m not sure yet though. She still has her poker face on.”

It was reported last week that Cheryl was “torn” over a return to the X Factor this year.

Sources told Star magazine that the 'Screw You' singer was split over whether she wanted to make a comeback after three years away.

“She’s back in the studio at the moment and will have a new album out at the end of the year, so The X Factor would give her a great platform to promote it,” the insider explained. “And she would love to prove Simon and the industry that she’s still got it.

“But, at the same time, Cheryl doesn’t want to be humiliated again and she knows what a circus The X Factor can be.”

The X Factor 2014 will begin filming its auditions in June before hitting screens towards the end of the year on ITV.

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