X Factor 2014: Cheryl Cole under pressure to confirm comeback

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Cheryl Cole is still refusing to sign a deal to return to The X Factor UK 2014.

No secret has been made about talks between the Girls Aloud singer and show producers, including X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

But as yet there's been official word as to weather Cheryl is in or out as negotiations continue.

"Cheryl's suffering sleepless nights over whether to return," a source in their infinite wisdom says this week. "She feels under pressure because the next step for her is critical to her career comeback.

"She's so stressed, she's been waking up in the night."

Speaking to Closer magazine, the insider continued: "She's emotional at the thought of going back to a show she associates with the saddest parts of her time and she knows it's make or break for her career.

"Although she loved so much of the show, she hates remembering all the bickering with fellow judge Louis Walsh while her marriage to Ashley was breaking down. She knows Simon wants a decision as soon as possible but she's torn."

It was claimed on Tuesday that Cheryl had agreed on paper to return but only if she was alone as a female on the judging panel.

“If Cheryl does come back as planned, she will be the only woman on the panel," another supposed source revealed. “That’s how she wanted it and at this moment she seems to be calling the shots.”

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the insider added: “They’re still finalising the other details but Cheryl made it clear she didn’t want to be pitched against another female again.”

The X Factor 2014 will begin filming in June with the judges' auditions.