X Factor: Sharon Osborune angry at 'lazy' plans for Sam Bailey's album

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is said to be "livid" with Simon Cowell over plans for a "cover album" for Sam Bailey.

This year's X Factor champ confirmed yesterday that her record was already being set for release in the Spring.

She previously said it wouldn't be a rush job full of covers, commenting: " "It wouldn't be a case of rushing it. I don't want to do a cheesy album with loads of covers, I want to do something a bit different."

But yesterday Sam admitted most of the tracks would not be original, although she insisted they would be feel like "new songs".

"I want to do some songs that people haven't heard in a while, and bring back some stuff that people probably haven't even heard of, so that it feels like a new song," the 36-year-old told the OfficialCharts.com website.

Sam's mentor Sharon however isn't happy, having previously warned against such a plan for the former prison officer.

"She has backed Sam all the way and thinks that she is so talented," a source claimed. “She is very angry that Sam’s album is to be rushed out to cash in as quickly as possible.

"Usually the winners wait months and time is taken to ensure that the correct product is put out and they have the best chance of selling as many records as possible."

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the insider added: “Sharon is extremely fond of Sam, they’ve become very close and she thinks she has got the most amazing voice.

“Sharon knows a star when she sees one - she has been in the showbiz industry for over 40 years - and she thinks Sam has got the X Factor.”

Sam's winner's single Skyscraper topped the charts yesterday, but it was the lowest selling debut by an X Factor champ since the first series, and the lowest selling Christmas Number One since 2001.

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