Sam Callahan reveals attempts to bed Tamera Foster in X Factor house

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X Factor finalists Sam Callahan and Tamera Foster have revealed how they spent their time on the show trying to have sex.

The pair, who both did pretty poorly in the live finals, told this week how they sneaked around the X Factor mansion in a bid to keep their relationship a secret.

But it seems they were as bad at that as Tamera was at remembering her lyrics, because the whole world knew about their fling despite the denials.

After both were eliminated from the live shows, the teenage couple finally got some alone time, much to Sam's relief.

"I’d sneak into Tamera’s room in the middle of the night to say goodnight and have a private intimate moment but never for long," he told The Sun on Sunday today. “Security told us if we were going to spend time together then we would have to keep the door open. We got warned about it a lot.”

Meanwhile, Tamera insisted she is still together with Sam despite comments he made in a new interview.

19-year-old Sam told Gay Times this month that he wasn't sure the relationship could work, especially after being caught 'sexting' models.

But Tamera, who broke up with her boyfriend during the live shows before getting with Sam, said: “Sam was scared about telling me but I found it hilarious because he was so stupid and I’m not going to cry about it.

“It was a stupid thing but most boys do it. I’m not a jealous type because it’s hard to gain my trust in the first place. I won’t be checking his phone now — I think that just adds stress on your relationship.”

She added: “I have the most amazing relationship with Sam. He puts a smile on my face every day.”

Both Sam and Tamera will be on The X Factor 2014 live tour next year.