XFactor 2013: Tamera Foster and Sam Callahan have already split

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X Factor's Sam Callahan and Tamera Foster have already split up.

The pair of singers hooked up on the show and confirmed their romance this month, only for Sam to declare it as already over in a new interview this week.

"The thing is, we’re so busy, I don’t know whether it could really work," he told January's edition of Gay Times. "We just get on really well.

"We lived together for, like, two months and kept in touch after I left."

The teenage couple's blossoming romance made the headlines for all the wrong reasons just weeks after it started, with allegations that Sam he 'cheated' on Tamera by exchanging nude pictures and saucy texts to a model.

“I feel used by Sam. He just rings me when he wants phone sex which is every other day after 1am," the unnamed model was quoted as saying by The Sun on Sunday. “He asks me to do sexual things which he can look at while he talks dirty down the phone to me.”

Sam admitted to the tabloid: “It was such a stupid thing to do. I want to apologise to everyone who has been supporting me, especially my friends and family. I never meant to hurt or upset anyone.”

He added: “What was at the time a bit of fun has turned on me to bite me back and it’s a lesson learned.

“It’s made me grow up very quickly and also shown me that I am too trusting of people.”

Tamera always insisted that the pair were never "official", saying earlier this month: “I just want to see where it goes, but I like him and we’re enjoying it at the moment. We aren’t properly official.”


Meanwhile, Sam insisted that there wouldn't be any awkwardness between the pair when they go on tour together as part of X Factor live next year.

"I absolutely can’t wait! Every musician, every artist anywhere in the world has a dream, and a part of that dream, whether it’s the whole dream or not, is to go on tour," Sam gushed. "This is when I can show you what I do with my own music, how I perform on stage, and I hope that everyone sticks by me and gets to see all that."

The X Factor tour starts in February in Belfast and ends in Birmingham in March, with tickets on sale now.