X Factor's Sam Bailey will miss almost all of Beyonce's tour dates

sam bailey

X Factor winner Sam Bailey won't be appearing alongside Beyonce for most of next year's tour.

It was revealed in the run to the weekend's final last week that this year's champ would support Beyonce on the UK leg of her new tour next Spring.

But it seems that no one on The X Factor actually thought the idea through that much, as the Beyonce tour clashes with the X Factor live tour.

For example, when Beyonce is playing the O2 on March 1, the X Factor tour is hundreds of miles away in Glasgow.

It means that Sam will barely be appearing with Beyonce, with priority being given to the X Factor's live stage show when dates clash.

However Sam hasn't completely been cut from her Beyonce support slot and will be opening for the star at Birmingham in February.

Sam explained: "I am doing the whole of the X Factor tour, it’s just the Beyonce dates clash with it, so I’m not doing all of the Beyonce dates, but I’d be quite happy just to do the one just to say I’ve done it.”

However even the one date is a little intimidating for Sam.

She admitted at a Q&A in London yesterday: “I am going to feel a little out of my depth because this is Beyonce were talking about and I’m little old Sam Bailey from Leicester.

"It’s an amazing prize and a great opportunity and I can’t wait to do it because who can say they’ve done that – I might have to learn to dance a bit.”

And Sam suggested that concert goers may be surprised with some of her performances now she was out of The X Factor.

“[On The X Factor] you’ve got to stick with different themes," Sam revealed, "Every week when they said write down a list of songs you want to sing, I’ve wrote down some of these big songs but they’ve not wanted to pick it.”

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