XFactor 2013 winner Sam Bailey to rush release album


X Factor 2013 winner Sam Bailey is set to rush-release her album in time for mother's day.

While more recent X Factor winners have waited over a year to release their record, X Factor boss Simon Cowell reportedly wants to get Sam into the recording studio as soon as possible.

Sam won the show last night and is already on her way to a number one single with her winner's track Skyscraper.

And an album is set to follow soon, despite her mentor Sharon Osbourne previously warning that Simon shouldn't rush things.

She said on the Xtra Factor: “My strategy would be to get in touch with all the biggest songwriters in the world, I wouldn’t want her to do a covers album at all.

“She needs songs written for her because her vocal range is so huge. That’s what I would do.”

However, The Sun reports that Sam's album could be out in time for Mother's Day next Spring.

A source told the newspaper today: “Simon sees Sam’s market as similar to Susan’s [Boyle]. It’s not the obvious pop-buying youngsters but a more mature consumer, the kind who listens to Radio 2.

“There’s no point hanging about for the first album as people will want something as soon as we can give it to them. Mother’s Day is perfect as it will tap directly into the market she appeals to.”

Meanwhile, speaking this morning, Sam said the first thing on her to do list was to thank her employer.

The prison officer said: “I’m going to officially go in and speak to the governor of the prison and thank him and thank everyone in the Prison Service for their support because I wouldn’t have been able to do this if they hadn’t given me the days off when I needed to audition.”

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