XFactor 2013: Sharon Osbourne hits out at producers for focusing on looks and sob stories

Sharon Osbourne

X Factor 2013 judge Sharon Osbourne has taken a swipe at the show's production team.

The no nonsense music manager accused the young team of focusing too much on looks and sob stories.

"People are very narrow-minded, they’re blinkered. If you’ve got a load of young producers in there, they just look for t**s and a**e and someone with one kidney," Sharon is quoted as telling the Daily Mail newspaper. "I always say when contestants come in, 'Do you have both kidneys? Dialysis?'

"I can understand producers thinking there’s a great backstory behind this person, but not everybody that sings needs one kidney. It’s nice to have two."

And Sharon stood by her choice to quit the series once again this year, adding: "Simon [Cowell] couldn’t offer me enough money in the world to come back."

The comments echo those by her act Sam Bailey, who also hit out at show makers today for focusing on sob stories.

The 34-year-old revealed she had originally auditioned for the show in six years ago, but was rejected in just 30 seconds during the unseen first round of try outs.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, Sam suggested she'd have got further in 2007 had she provided a sob story, such as talking about her dying father.

Sam told the tabloid this morning: “I bet if I had mentioned back then that my dad was poorly I probably would have got through – I would have been in the final.

“I probably would have won it. That’s how I perceived it to be.

“This year they’ve taken the prison officer thing as my story.

“To be honest I wasn’t going to ever go back but I did this for me and I did it for my family, because my kids were enjoying watching it so much.”

The X Factor 2013 final continues tonight on ITV from 7:30PM, featuring performances from Gary Barlow, Elton John, Katy Perry and One Direction.

Browse pictures of Saturday's X Factor 2013 final performances below...

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